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Welcome to Nerina Candles


Hi!  I am excited to welcome you to my little scented workshop where all the candles are individually crafted and packaged with love and attention. Every product on this site is handmade with as much dedication and passion as it was when I created my very first scented candle back in 2018.

The love for making organic, soy wax candles was born in the spring of 2018 and was originally just a very good smelling hobby. With the time and dedication, love and support coming from family and friends, and many happy clients later, it has grown into a lucrative small business that I am very proud of. When I started, I was playing with nature and mixing various organic essential oils and ingredients in my little home laboratory, aka. kitchen. I wanted to make high quality, good smelling candles that felt personal. 

Fast forward two years, all the candles are still individually crafted in my kitchen. I still do all the sourcing, design, pouring, packaging and shipping myself. I also know exactly what goes in the candle so you can be rest assured that nothing toxic is in there!  All the ingredients, starting with the wax itself, to the essential and fragrant oils and cotton and wood wicks, have been personally selected and ingrained into the quality product I have envisioned. 

Nerina Candles will always be made out of natural soy wax and organic essential oils because my desire is to make a quality product that is in synergy with nature and that creates a healthier home environment for you.

I hope you will enjoy your candle as much as I have enjoyed creating it.

Last but most importantly, I want to know what you think! Follow us on Instagram @nerinacandles! Leave me a message or review - I look at all of them.